Php Development

The PHP Group implemented a timeline for the release of new versions of PHP.Under this system, at least one release should occur every month. Once per year, a minor release should occur which may include new features. Every minor release should at least be supported for two years with security and bug fixes, followed by at least one year of only security fixes, for a total of a three-year release process for every minor release.

The PHP interpreter only executes PHP code within its delimiters. Anything outside its delimiters is not processed by PHP, although non-PHP text is still subject to control structures described in PHP code. PHP allows developers to write extensions in C to add functionality to the PHP language. PHP's single-request-per-script-execution model, and the fact that the Zend Engine is an interpreter, leads to inefficiency; as a result, various products have been developed to help improve PHP performance.

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Why Choose Php Development

PHP extensions can be compiled statically into PHP or loaded dynamically at runtime.

Php Development

PHP is perhaps one of the most widely recognized scripting languages in the world today.

Pool of Off-the-Self Content

More than a decade of extensive experience in various PHP technologies and frameworks, Application design, development, maintenance and support.

Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers

Angular.js is a powerful web development technology, which is also quite popular amongst web developers. Angular is a modern and cross-platform front-end framework which has retained all the major features of Angular.js.

jQuery Mobile from Scratch

jQuery Mobile is one such powerful software technology which allows mobile developers to develop cross-platform mobile applications which run on various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Build Web Apps with CakePhp

Build Web Apps with PHP Cake Framework’ is a suitable course for developers who want to learn to build modern web applications using Cake PHP framework.

Data Visualization Using D3JS

Data visualization is an important aspect of modern business processes. It allows presenting data through interactive visual elements, such as statistical diagrams, pie charts, bar charts and more.

Web Apps with Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the most powerful and popular, open-source PHP frameworks in the market. The latest version of Laravel framework is packed with some modern and useful features, such as queue library, object-relational mapping (ORM), routing, authentication and more.

Happy Clients

  • "Having seen the sample work G-Cube had done for a large MNC in India, we decided to go ahead with them. When we saw the first set of deliverable they gave us, we were delighted! The team is highly professional, committed to the success of the projects as much as we are and comes up with innovative solutions. Moreover, the organization is very transparent in its pricing.
    Manager, HR | HSBC

  • "We are very pleased to work with G-Cube, for nearly three years now, on a number of Internet and software solutions. Their ability to help define and promptly execute complex projects, their sense of ownership, and the efficiency and constant friendliness of their staff are just some of the reasons why it is a pleasure for ICEF to work with G-Cube."
    Mr. Markus Badde | CEO, ICEF

  • "The LMS is the backbone of our learning strategy at Bajaj. With over 100 offices and branches across India and growing, we need a platform that can not only deliver learning fast but can also double up as a platform for organization wide skill assessment, training needs analysis, knowledge management, and scale to our growing needs. The Wizdom Web LMS provides us all the flexibility we need to make this happen.
    Mr. Ajay Das Gupta | L&D Manager


Q. Who is the father of PHP and explain the changes in PHP versions?

Rasmus Lerdorf is known as the father of PHP.PHP/FI 2.0 is an early and no longer supported version of PHP. PHP 3 is the successor to PHP/FI 2.0 and is a lot nicer. PHP 4 is the current generation of PHP, which uses the Zend engine under the hood. PHP 5 uses Zend engine 2 which, among other things, offers many additionalOOP features.

Q.How can we submit a form without a submit button?

The main idea behind this is to use Java script submit() function in order to submit the form without explicitly clicking any submit button. You can attach the document.formname.submit() method to onclick, onchange events of different inputs and perform the form submission. you can even built a timer function where you can automatically submit the form after xx seconds once the loading is done (can be seen in online test sites).

Q.Functions in IMAP, POP3 AND LDAP?

You can find these specific information in PHP Manual.

Q. What are the current versions of apache, PHP, and MySQL?

As of February, 2007 the current versions arePHP: php5.2.1 MySQL: MySQL 5.2 Apache: Apache 2.2.4Note: visit,, to get current versions.

Q.How can we encrypt and decrypt a data present in a MySQL table using MySQL?


Q.What are the features and advantages of object-oriented programming?

One of the main advantages of OO programming is its ease of modification; objects can easily be modified and added to a system there by reducing maintenance costs. OO programming is also considered to be better at modeling the real world than is procedural programming. It allows for more complicated and flexible interactions. OO systems are also easier for non-technical personnel to understand and easier for them to participate in the maintenance and enhancement of a system because it appeals to natural human cognition patterns. For some systems, an OO approach can speed development time since many objects are standard across systems and can be reused. Components that manage dates, shipping, shopping carts, etc. can be purchased and easily modified for a specific system.

Q. What is the use of friend function?

Sometimes a function is best shared among a number of different classes. Such functions can be declared either as member functions of one class or as global functions. In either case they can be set to be friends of other classes, by using a friend specifier in the class that is admitting them. Such functions can use all attributes of the class which names them as a friend, as if they were themselves members of that class.

Q.How can we convert asp pages to PHP pages?

there are lots of tools available for asp to PHP conversion. you can search Google for that. the best one is available at

Q.How can we get the browser properties using PHP?

By using $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] variable.